The Story of One Man’s

Life-long Dream and Savings

Destroyed by York Township

Was it ill-conceived Policy, Incompetence,

Discrimination and/or Corruption?

You be the judge.

Stone Crest York
Bed & Breakfast and Retreats

It is my firm belief that our democracy is far less likely to continue to prosper if citizens do not take action to expose atrocities committed by our government. Losing my livelihood and entire life savings due to the actions of York Township, a local municipality in York County Pennsylvania, has been devastating. Unfortunately, the worst result is that I have been left disabled by early onset CMT as a direct result of the extreme stress. My life as I knew it is gone. The people closest to me and
my project find it very difficult to believe what happened given the lengths to which I went to comply with every request made by the Township.

My name is George Simpson and my life-long dream was to create an upscale Bed & Breakfast that could host individuals, couples, families, groups of friends and small private executive retreats. I spent years planning every nuance of the facility; ambiance, amenities, location, accessibility and profitability. A major priority was to orchestrate an environment that elevated introspection, promoted creative thinking, problem solving and the development of strong personal and business relationships. The dream (Stone Crest York Bed & Breakfast and Retreats) was partially achieved to the acclaim of happy customers and many comments that can be found in publications like The Washington Post and Central Pennsylvania Business Journal as well as on key industry rating sites like, and A Google search for "Stone Crest York" will still (18 months later) return pages of positive comments. Click on any photo on this site or Right Here to view a Slide Show of Stone Crest York.

One very specific action by the township, in addition to many other questionable acts, caused the catastrophe. York Township failed to keep an often repeated commitment to apply the “residential building code” to my project. I was more than willing to comply with either the commercial or residential code at the start, they were clearly informed on multiple occasions that changing their decision well into the process was the greatest risk to the venture. With full knowledge of the consequences to me, they changed the applicable building code after I had spent two years at great expense complying with their every request. The question posed to York Township Manager Elizabeth Heathcote on multiple occasions, is why? As of this date (Wednesday, April 21, 2011) Ms. Heathcote nor anyone else from York Township has offered an explanation.

I want to be absolutely clear about the facts. Elizabeth Heathcote, in our first meeting in December of 2005, after I made it perfectly clear that we were prepared to comply with either the residential or commercial code based on the townships judgment and decision, stated the “residential code” would apply for this project. Mrs. Heathcote was made aware that some controversy existed as to which code various municipalities applied to various bed and breakfast projects in other parts of the country and that code changes well into the compliance process could devastate the project. Because of my concern and the fact that I needed to have a firm and binding decision, I requested a meeting with Mrs. Heathcote, key Township managers and the contractor I had hired to make absolutely certain that everyone at York Township was in agreement that the “residential code” would apply to Stone Crest York Bed & Breakfast. Page 1 of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry - Uniform Construction Code site states: “If a design or construction contract for the proposed work was signed between April 9, 2004 and December 30, 2006, the 2003 International Codes must be complied with.” This requirement was met in January 2006 when I hired and paid Coggeshall and Lentz Contractors to prepare plans for the addition. I also contracted with Gordon Brown and Associates to comply with York Township engineering requirements based on the “residential code”. I also awarded the construction contract to Coggeshall and Lentz in December of 2006 after receiving bids from several contractors.

The consequences of their actions have left me unable to resume my previous career and as of this writing without resources to pursue legal action. Initially, I arrived at the conclusion that there was nothing I could do. After a year of contemplating my options, I realized that I am in the enviable position of having absolutely nothing to lose by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The vast majority of people that I have spoken with who have suffered at the hands of one or more of
the 70 separate governments in York County are too frightened about future retribution to take action. Two have actually questioned my safety by going public with this story.

This website is intended to inform the public and start a dialogue about this and similar atrocities. I have sent press releases to national, regional and local press as well as local, state and federal officials and business leaders. My personal objective is to find a lawyer or law firm that would be willing to pursue a Federal law suit (on a contingency basis) in an effort to reach a settlement that would allow me to get on with my life. We must all work together to prevent other American Citizens from suffering such a devastating loss.

I am available to meet and speak with individuals and groups to further clarify the facts of this case and discuss issues related to problems within local government. Everyone is invited to make comments and/or ask questions by filling out the email form in the Contact Me tab above.

George Simpson
Former Owner
Stone Crest York Bed & Breakfast and Retreats